Holistic Health Consultation with Essential Oils

Consultation of Well-being and Healthy Lifestyle. It meets true health and quality of life priorities. In order to help you realize that Essential Oils you need to take care of yourself and your family in a holistic way.

Aimed at those who want guidance on the best way to use DoTerra Essential Oils. A global assessment will be made of what you need at an individual or family level for general health, balance and well-being, going through a holistic analysis (physical, emotional and energetic / spiritual health).

In the consultation I prescribe specific protocols, recipes and tips for you and for what you really need in your life stage. You will marvel at the multiple ways to use DoTerra essential oils, supplements and natural solutions!

It may be necessary to carry out personalized mixtures of Essential Oils (spray or roll-on), with value independent of the consultation.

Price: € 35


Aromatouch Technique DoTerra Massage

The technique was developed by Dr. David Hill, clinical director of DoTERRA, and is based on the application of essential oils through various massage techniques, namely Ayurvedic and Thai, as well as the use of reflexology points on the feet.

For whom?
For all. The combination of therapeutic essential oils with a soft touch promotes health and well-being to any individual, regardless of their age and physical condition. It can be applied to pregnant women with the necessary adaptations.

The importance of aroma
Often we like or dislike certain aromas due to the associations we make from previous experiences. There is scientific evidence that tells us that being exposed to pleasant aromas improves mood and promotes a sense of well-being.

Each of the oils used in the Aromatouch technique was chosen for its properties and when combined they are even more powerful. The final aroma resulting from the Aromatouch technique is calming, invigorating and very pleasurable, acting in all 5 senses.

The importance of touch
All touches, be it a handshake or a hug, have different meanings. In the Aromatouch technique, touch is important as the aroma, due to its healing benefits.

If, on the one hand, it is intended to provide a sensory experience based on the use of doTERRA essential oils, on the other, the Aromatouch technique also aims to establish an emotional connection. This technique promotes feelings of confidence that induce relaxation.

The safety of the Aromatouch technique
This technique uses oils certified for purity and therapeutic grade. Each batch is subjected to rigorous tests that guarantee that they are in accordance with the quality standards defined by the company. These tests are crucial to ensure that each bottle of oil is pure and potent and that it has the necessary chemical properties to achieve the intended benefits.

Both the quantities and the application method used in this technique consider specific recommendations that guarantee its safety and effectiveness.

The Aromatouch technique is gentle and can be adapted to younger or sensitive skin, in order to benefit all interested parties.

Price: € 45