Domingo é o primeiro dia da semana, e a cada semana, esta é a aula que inicia um novo tema para ser explorado de diferentes formas e em crescente profundidade em cada uma das aulas seguintes.

Prática sequenciada num ritmo moderado, criando uma experiência física e emocional que nos enraíza no corpo, centra a mente e conecta-nos à essência.


É o tipo de aula que nos estabiliza o sistema nervoso e diminui a sensação de ansiedade e stress, lembrando-nos o que é realmente importante enquanto nos preparamos para a semana que se inicia.



Essential Yoga is a gentle class for all levels.

Practice at a gentle pace and flavored with DoTERRA essential oils.

As we age, muscles tend to stiffen, as joints lose range of motion and there is greater susceptibility to chronic problems, such as osteoporosis, arthritis and heart disease.

Yoga together with DoTERRA essential oils reduces the effects of the aging process, maintaining the flexibility of ligaments, tendons and muscles.

The mind is more focused and calm promoting relaxation and meditation.
Yoga and essential oils are a perfect match.Come and try it!



A combination of traditional yoga and dynamic strength training. It combines functional mobility practices and strength training with the conscious principles of yoga, to increase cardiovascular fitness, physical recovery, agility and confidence in your body.

Featuring high-intensity intervals or the use of props to improve mobility, Yoga Conditioning creates resistance, increases range of motion and improves aerobic capacity.



Class that gives more emphasis on soft practice and connecttion with breath and permanence in each position.
Slow pace to deepen the physical, mental and spiritual connection.

Includes meditation and mindfullness techniques.
Suitable for all levels.

If you have never tried yoga, this class is perfect.

Come to this class at any time if you need a practice with a slower pace, or to remember the basics, adjust alignments and work on flexibility.

One of our students' favorite classes!



Level 2 class, dynamic vinyasa style, with a series of yoga positions that work breathing, strength and flexibility in a balanced way.

Yoga to unlock energy trapped along the spine and internal organs.
Suitable for all who like medium challenge and want to improve the level of energy and health of the body and mind.

Like all of our yoga classes, it includes breathing exercises (pranayama), yoga postures (asana), meditation and relaxation (sama yoga).



Kundalini & Dance Yoga is the practice that unites the "Yoga of Awakening" with the freedom of Dance, where the body becomes an instrument of the soul, dancing freely and creatively.

The regular practice of Kundalini & Dance Yoga helps to harmonize the Chakras, energy centers of the body, which are related to our organs, muscles, glands, bones, providing stretching, flexibility, strength, balance, physical conditioning and energy!

You don't need to know how to dance or be a Yoga practitioner, together we discover self-knowledge tools at an energetic and physical level, through Kundalini Yoga and Dance.

Structure of a class:

  • Opening with Adi Mantra

  • Pranayama and stretches

  • Meditation with Mantra and Mudra

  • Sequence of Kriya and creative dance for the body, mind and spirit simultaneously that provide a state of greater awareness

  • Relaxation, essential for the assimilation of Kriya

  • Closing with the Universal Blessing of Love and the Bij Mantra Sat Nam, the true identity of the Being.